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My name is Anna Sheller and I am a recent graduate of Jefferson University, where I received a bachelor of science degree in fashion design (2023.) Through school and internship experience, I have gained important technical skills and assets that have helped me mature as a designer. Fashion has always been in my life, and my drive continues to grow every day. I am extremely passionate about creating a positive social and environmental impact within the industry. I am eager to fully step into a role where I can bring my positive energy and unique perspective.

This website is a digital portfolio of some of the work I am most proud of. I have experience in areas including, but not limited to pattern making, draping, concept development, Clo 3D, styling, print design, Adobe Suite, illustration, garment construction, etc.


After graduating, I had the privilege of completing an internship with the New York-based brand, AREA. While I was there, I helped with the final production of the Fall/Winter 2023 and Spring/Summer 2024 runway collections. I sewed samples from start to finish that walked the runway, assisted fittings & style outs, hand-sewed trims & hard-wear, conducted many jewelry and metal alterations, cut patterns/fabric, repaired samples for tech design, assisted backstage of the runway shows, organized the brand archive, hand embroidered/beaded couture pieces, fulfilled tasks during market week, as well as many other tasks. This was extremely fast-paced in a high-pressure environment where I was able to thrive and demonstrate my level of craftsmanship.


I have also interned for New York-based celebrity stylist, Becky Akinyode. I assisted a cover shoot for Complex magazine, an editorial for Essence magazine, and the cover shoot for issue 16 of Buffalo Zine (with model, Paloma Elsesser and photographer, Eric Johnson.) I took care of garment pickups/drop-offs across New York City, organized clothing racks and accessories, steamed garments, dressed models, all while I continuously took inventory. 

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